The Barpeta
Obstetric & Gynaecological Society

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,
Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Medical College, Jania Road, Barpeta.Assam. 
(Registered under Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860)

5. Procedure of the General Meeting: The General Meeting of the members of the “Barpeta Obstetrics & Gynaecological Society” shall be held once in a year. Such General Meeting may also be convened at any time as and when required to be decided by the General Secretary in consultation with the President of the “Barpeta Obstetrics & Gynaecological Society”.

6. Quorum of the General Meeting: The Quorum of the General Meeting shall be one third of the total members of “Barpeta Obstetrics & Gynaecological Society”.

7. Election procedure of the Executive Committee: Members of the Executive Committee shall be selected in the Annual General Body Meeting by majority vote received by individual member in election.

8. Short Description of the Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall consist of maximum eleven members including the following posts: President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Asstt. General Secretary, Treasurer, Editor and 5 members selected by election.

9. The Term of the Executive Committee: The term of the Executive Committee shall be for a period of one year but the Executive Committee shall have the power to remove any member and select any member in his/her place during the period of existing Executive Committee.

10. Procedure of Re-election of the Members of the Executive Committee: All members of the Executive Committee including President and General Secretary are eligible for re-election. Such re-election of the members of the Executive Committee shall be done by way of majority votes received by respective candidates, if election is required or, otherwise selection will be done.

11. Procedure of the meeting of the Executive Committee: The meeting of the Executive Committee shall be twice in a year and whenever required. The meeting will be conveyed by the General Secretary and will be presided over by the President. In absence of the President, Vice President and in absence of both of them any member with consent of the others may preside over the meeting.

12. Quorum of the meeting of the Executive Committee: At least two third of the Executive Committee’s members shall form the quorum of the Executive Committee’s meetings. In order to take any important decision two third majorities will be required.

13. Expulsion of undesirable member: The Executive Committee shall enjoy the authority of expulsion of any member or office bearer who goes against the Rules and Regulations of the organisation and who indulge in the activities against the interest of the “Barpeta Obstetrics & Gynaecological Society”.(cont....)

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Official Journal of Barpeta Obstetric & Gynaecological Society, Volume 1, Issue 1

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